Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Six Things - Nic Lines

Nic is 27 years old and has been married to Amy for three years.  They are expecting their first child in November this year and live in Bishops Stortford with their cat Rosie!  Nic started working for Bishops Stortford Community Church in the role of Youth Leader in September 2009 after six years working for Hertfordshire Constabulary as a Police Constable.  He became a Christian in 2003 after completing an Alpha course at the Church he now works for.

Nic is an active person and loves playing and watching sport especially football, golf, squash and running.  He is a big Tottenham Hotspur fan and loves socialising in the local pub with a cold beer watching a game with his mates.

One thing that's always worth getting out of bed for
My personal devotion time in the morning - which is most definitely the best time of my day.  I am an early bird and love getting up before Amy when the house is quiet and the sun is just rising.  Although this doesn't happen every morning (!) I love pouring myself a cup of tea and spending some time praying, reading my Bible and studying some books before the day gets going.  I always find that this morning routine leaves me ready for the day and I really miss it when I oversleep (which happens more often than not!) or lazily fail to get up on time!  I certainly feel built up having spent time with my heavenly Father and committing my day to Him.

One thing about yourself that often obstructs me
My fear of what people think of me!  I can often shy away from voicing my opinion, talking to people or putting myself in the lime light (especially with people I don't know) because I'm worried how I will come across and what people will think of me!

One thing I've learned the hard way
That life is tough. I've had a better life than most (especially when you look internationally) but I've still walked through some rough times.  Although I believe that there is a compassionate, loving, faithful and merciful God who walks through the difficult times with us but that doesn't mean that our lives are void of suffering.

One thing that gets under my skin
Injustice.  I think this is what was the motivation behind me joining the police force and also my passion for the church but in every area of my life (from a wrong decision on the football pitch to current affairs) I hate to see injustice.  I especially hate it when people are marginlised...I hate seeing old people abused and lonely, I hate seeing children bullied at school, I hate seeing adults on their own and outcasted and I hate seeing the weak taken advantage of by the physically strong.

One thing I'd love to change
The world's view of the church.  Over the years I think the church has had a huge amount of negative press and is sometimes viewed as stuffy, perverted, boring and old fashioned. I would love to change (in whatever small way I can) perceptions like these because I actually believe the church is the hope of the world. I think when the church functions as Jesus wants it to there's nothing quite like it!

One thing I hope for
A healthy baby come November (which is when Amy is due) and that we as a family would do everything we possibly could (i.e. have no regrets) to fulfill all that God has for us (Ephesians 2:10) therefore Honouring His name.

Six Things is a series of micro-interviews with interesting and creative people,
in which they’re asked to respond to a standard set of six prompts.

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