Thursday, 5 May 2011

Being part of something BIG

Today I took part in something that could make a major change in the life of our town and nation. I voted!

It is likely that because where I live is dominated by one party my vote probably won't make any difference.
However, I know that voting does change lives and situations. There have been significant elections which have been won by only a few votes, in those cases just a few hundred or thousand people changed the course of a nation.

The incredible thing is everyday you and I have multiple opportunities to change lives. In our many encounters and interactions with people our actions, words, and sometimes even our silence can affect a person's direction, attitude or even their future. Most (maybe 99%?) of these interactions will not make much difference but the thing is we don't control what does or doesn't.

So today remember you have the chance to make a BIG difference, so go forth and be yourself - a life changer!


  1. ALL of those many interactions make a difference! We just can't see how they all mesh together! We are not supposed to see it all really (that would seriously mess with our mental load!), but we are called to simply "be" each day.

  2. Yes that's right we only really see the 1% or so that do something there and then the rest are like the food we eat it really doesn't anything specific but cumulatively it gives us life.