Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Vote Yes or No for AV but for goodness sake vote!

This Thursday we are being asked to vote on whether we would like to change our voting system.

This is the first time I will have had the chance to vote in a referendum and to be part of something like this as a nation is actually something quite significant, it feels on par with a general election.

However, there is a big worry, a real concern - it is that hardly anyone (in electoral terms) is likely to vote. To quote John Oliver "The British public may not be bothered to vote for how they're going to vote for people they will not be bothered to vote for" from The Bugle podcast.

When parts of the world are rioting and risking their lives for freedom, let's do our job to at least exercise one of our greatest freedoms.

So folks remember to vote this Thursday.

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