Sunday, 15 May 2011

Characteristics of true leadership

For a while I have been following a blog written by Paul Allen, he writes on a numbers of subjects and I love his motto - Lumen Accipe et Imperti (Receive the light & pass it on).

One of the areas that he writes on is is leadership, essentially on the character of true leadership. I like that he is very happy to disagree with other people's quotes about leadership. One of these disagreements that has stayed with me is the quote from Ralph Nader "The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers." Allen comments on this quote by saying, "I believe it misses the point about why leadership is needed at all... If the development of leadership is a byproduct of working to achieve the vision then it is beneficial... So what is the purpose of leadership? To do what it takes to ensure the attainment of the vision." Click here to see the full article.

I've found his writing to be a breath of fresh air on the subject of leadership, maybe because it is not all he is about, he is a musician, songwriter, photographer and he cares for his wife who has chronic illness. His articles are full of humility with a heart to help people develop and grow, I can only hope my blog is thought of in this way. Click here to see his blog\website.

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