Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Six Things

Later this week I will post the first of what I hope to be a regular feature of this blog - Six Things.

Six Things is a series of micro-interviews with interesting and creative people, in which they’re asked to respond to a standard set of six prompts.
• One thing that’s always worth getting out of bed for
• One thing about myself that often obstructs me
• One thing I’ve learned the hard way
• One thing that gets under my skin
• One thing I’d love to change
• One thing I hope for

I hope that you enjoy getting these little insights into people's lives and that they will amuse, encourage and sometimes inspire you.

Credit: Often you will hear a phrase alone the lines of "Six things you didn't know about...", I got this idea from a regular feature on http://www.thatelusiveclarity.com/ website - it is an excellent site why not go check it out.

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