Sunday, 7 October 2012

Six Things - Julia Dennison

Julia Denisson is a wife, mother, crafter and serial volunteer. She has two amazing children and a fabulous husband. Living in the village of Garelochhead on the west coast of Scotland where when the sun shines it is beautiful and when it doesn’t shine it’s still amazing.

Most days when the children head off to school Julia heads down to Centre 81, a community and residential centre where she cleans, cooks, or runs a computer basics class. Once a fortnight she cooks for a well attended over 60’s lunch club. Julia also helps out at the weekly church coffee morning, bringing along the popular chilli and cheese scones.

Chairing the school PTA and helping organize fundraising and "fun"-raising events. If Julia has any time left after all that she tries to do a little crafting or sewing.
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One thing that's always worth getting out of bed for
A cup of tea.
One thing about yourself that often obstructs me
My inability to focus on one thing at a time, always jumping from one idea to the next and not always finishing the last. I have numerous unfinished sewing projects, craft projects that I haven’t quite gotten round to and many more ideas floating around my head.
One thing I've learned the hard way
Seam rippers should be used with care, and shouldn’t be used when tired or frustrated!
One thing that gets under my skin
That it’s always the same few people who volunteer to help even when they have the busiest lives.
One thing I'd love to change
Patience.  With faster internet, faster travel, instant messaging, we want things now, not in 5 minutes. We need to learn/re-learn that some things take time and that some things are worth waiting for.
One thing I hope for
That my children will grow up happy, healthy and patient.

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