Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Gibberd Garden

Recently my family and I visited the Gibberd Garden in Harlow.

Sir Frederick Gibberd produced a wide variety of architectural and landscaping projects, including Heathrow Airport, Liverpool Catholic Cathedral, Regent's Park Central Mosque and the landscape design of the Kielder Reservoir and in 1946 he was appointed master-planner for Harlow New Town. From the 1950s he started to develop this garden.

It is a wonderful garden, a great mixture of planned and eclectic jumbled up spaces full of sculptures and objects which Gibberd loved so much.

Although I have been to the garden several times there are still things to discover, sculptures I haven't really looked at before, views and spaces I haven't noticed.

The other thing this garden gives me is that sense of hidden peace. You can get the feeling of being hidden away, for a few moments you are in another world. This hidden world is full of quiet wonder and the reflected glory of creation both of nature and the hands of men and women.

It is a real oasis on our doorstep, I encourage you to check it out.


  1. Your most beautifully poetic blog post so far. xx

  2. Thank you HC, it is easier to be poetic with such inspiration. However, I fully take on the encouragement!