Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Six Things - Sarah Garwood

Sarah Garwood is 48 – eek don’t tell anyone – ooh, I just did. Despite her obvious quirks she is an out and out Christian with nothing much in her heart except Jesus, Jesus and more of, yes you guessed it, Jesus. Sarah lives with her 13 year old son Sam who loves chocolate, friends, climbing and archery (in that order!).

Sarah (who also loves chocolate and friends and watching Sam do the climbing and archery) has been on a divergent career journey, which began in pursuit of an equity card and has established itself in consultancy and assessment with a little B&B on the side. On this epic journey, she had a good few years in the leadership of Holiday Bible Week, which was both hugely growing and humbling, crafted through our purposeful God. Her heart now would be to use these combining experiences to work with Christian organisations and get them free and moving to be the hands and feet God calls them to be.

One thing that's always worth getting out of bed for
These gloriously sunny days and the promise of a 2011 sun tan!

One thing about yourself that often obstructs you
My unwilling feet when they don’t go in the direction they ought!

One thing I've learned the hard way
You can’t go over, under or round life’s trials and you definitely go nowhere if you stand still – so you’ve got to go through them.  How hard can it be to walk through treacle, a hailstorm, a shower of arrows or maybe all three at the same time?  I’ve only got one answer to that ‘Ouch!’  (Yes, I’m afraid the ‘Ouch’ always comes before the ‘Aaarrr’)

One thing that gets under my skin
Hopefully melanin for that sun tan rather than one of the arrows!

One thing I'd love to change
Places with someone in Bermuda – anyone out there up for it?  (Anything for my feet to extract themselves from the treacle.)

One thing I hope for
The coming of the Kingdom when the Son will always shine and there’ll be no more trials for anyone to wade through!

Six Things is a series of micro-interviews with interesting and creative people,
in which they’re asked to respond to a standard set of six prompts.

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