Tuesday, 25 August 2015

To 5K and beyond...

This weekend I decided* to join in my local ParkRun, a regular 5k (3 mile) run around Hatfield Forest.
I used to run sporadically many years ago and have completed one marathon (Loch Ness) and four half marathons (Great North Run) in my time.
Regular running has been a hard habit to keep but I need something regular in my life right now and I need to get fit. Apart from my 10 min cycle to the station I am genereally sitting on a train or in a car and then behind a desk - with occasional days walking around a large building or two. I would class my lifestyle as sedentary.
But why am I really doing it? Igues there are several reasons:
  • For the pleasure - yes I actually enjoy running even through the pain
  • Stopping the middle age spread - my waist measurement is 28" but currently I find a 34" more comfortable! I don't want that to creep upto 36" and beyond
  • The need to build a healthy habit rather slide into more habits that veer towards the selfish/self distructive end of the spectrum
  • Gives me time to think - when I get to longer runs I can think and have a conversation with myself
  • Takes me out of myself and my location
So heres to building a healthy habit and to the beyond it will lead me into.
* I didn't actually make it to the 5k, my lift left without me! So I ran 2.5k (1.5 miles) around nearby fields.
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