Sunday, 24 April 2011


Today, Easter Sunday, I walked down to church and as I walked I decided to take off my glasses. Without my glasses I can't really see, I can't see any writing, or the faces of people, everything is blurred. I can see but I don't really see. It the struck me that this is what resurrection is all about helping people to really see - to see the way, the truth, the life.

When Jesus was on the earth almost nobody saw who He really was and what He was telling them about. They were amazed by His miracles and knew He was special and a few even believed He was the Messiah. But until resurrection they saw this but didn't really see.

Through the resurrection it was as if they were given true spiritual glasses to really see Jesus for who He is and to hear and start to truly understand what He told them. The amazing power of resurrection is that this seeing or revealing has carried on through time and goes on into eternity. Whether we have experienced it or not we all live in the good of it.

Today all around the world we remember the power of resurrection and to coin a phrase we remember and again are thankful that "Love Wins".

Happy Easter to you.

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