Thursday, 28 April 2011

I join the smartphone crowd

This week I got my new phone a HTC Desire Z. I now have the whole internet in my hand! I will be using it as a mini laptop, giving me the ability to actually keep up with friends (on facebook & twitter), capture notes and blog articles wherever I am, take better pictures, check my work emails and I finally have access to all of this whenever I want - no waiting in line to use the family laptop!

My first phone a Nokia 2110 was almost brick like in size and could only be used as a phone - can you believe it!

It seems there are very few things these days that only do the one thing:
  • cars have satnav - we used to use maps
  • TV systems can record multiple programs at once - we used to have video recorders
  • cameras take videos - they used to have film which you sent out and waited to see how the shot came out, how quaint
  • MP3 players can take pictures - we used to have tape playing walkmans on our belts

All our devices like life itself is getting evermore complex and the hoped for nirvana of all these machines making our lives so simple is actually a mirage.

Now don't get me wrong I love gadgets and nice new toys and give me loads of money and I would probably have a lot more BUT maybe its because I'm getting older - grumpy man syndrome - or maybe I am growing up a bit and I am starting to realise that the better things in life are sometimes the simpler ones.

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