Sunday, 27 March 2011

What motivates us?

Below is an excellent video based on a lecture given by Dan Pink to the Royal Society of Arts in London.  It is wonderfully animated and it adds real depth to his words.

Watching it makes you think "What motivates us/you?" Is it just money, or is it autonomy, mastery & purpose as Dan Pink suggests? Most of the world is driven by the belief of a simplistic motivation drive of more money = better performance in work, in sports and even in schools (better qualifications = better job = more money!).

But how many people give their own time freely to contribute to things they enjoy and bless others? These are the things that we really enjoy and would (and are) doing for free, at our own cost.

If businesses, schools, churches, unions and governments can grasp these principles outlined by Pink then how much better and happier we would all be - that would be a big society where people are looking for greater (bigger) good!

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