Monday, 14 March 2011

Praying for Japan

I'm not very good at praying - I'm erratic, I forget and often I just don't do it!

But I have been gripped by the disaster that has happened in Japan and I have a desire to help, to serve, to do something. But I can't do anything to help - I can't go out and help, I can't support any mourning relatives because I don't know anybody from Japan, I can't even give money because there is no fund to give to. What can I do?

I can pray.

So I am making a commitment to pray for Japan this week starting today (Monday 14th March) through to Sunday for 30 minutes each day. That is a big commitment for me - to some 30 minutes will be the norm, to me this will be a lot more than I do most (every?) day.

So if you feel the same way as me why not pray for Japan this week - I know God loves Japan.


  1. Hey Steven, I have also been struck by this big time! And really been praying for them.
    How are yo doing with the praying so far?
    I love that in James 5.16 it says that our prayers are powerful and effective.
    Be encouraged that you prayers will be causing atmosphere change and be effective in bringing God's kingdom to those affected in Japan!

  2. I find myself just praying for wisdom and mercy for the leaders and people of Japan. I wouldn't know what to do it that situation and I would probably feel overwhelmed. So I just lift them to God and know that he knows...