Monday, 28 February 2011

"New" Music #1

I have decided to expand my music collection by browsing the second hand stores to pick up albums and artists I have heard of but never really had the chance to listen to their music.  I will occasionally post my thoughts and even commit myself to an 'out of 5 stars' rating.  Let me know what you think.

The Zutons - Who killed the Zutons (2004) - 99p - 2½ stars
OK album, their debut album and the main hits came off their second album.  May occasionally listen again

Dido - Life for Rent (2003) - £1.99 - 3 stars
Very enjoyable album, lovely voice and relaxing slightly melancholic tunes.  I remember this artist being regularly lampooned on Never Mind the Buzzcocks but I quite like it.

Razorlight - Up all night (2004) - 99p - 2½ stars
Intense guitar rock, not dissimilar to The Editors. Not sing along but solidly good tunes.

Texas - White on Blonde (1997) - 99p - 4 stars
Really love this album, it seems contemporary, cool and such a good mix of soft rock and fantastic lyrics.  This is one that will get many spins on turntable

Will Young - Friday's Child (2003) - 50p - 3½ stars
That very rare thing a reality pop star with talent and originality. Soulful pop ballads, very toe tapping!


  1. Turntable!? Since when have we had one of those?? You really should tell people that you are actually in possession of one of those new-fangled MP3 thingies!:-)

  2. Indeed that is true, but I was speaking metaphorically - I metaphorically have a turntable on which I can spin!