Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The best trolley in the world - probably!

On a recent trip to IKEA I noticed their latest design innovation. It's not a new piece of furniture, a fancy chair or a clock. Actually it isn't something you can buy. It's a trolley!

To be more exact it is a trolley that you use to carry your food, up to three trays worth, and your shopping bag in the restaurant (see the picture).

The funny thing is, they make furniture so why bother spend so much money on enhancing and improving the experience of carrying your food from the counter to your table?

I think the reason they have done this is they realise everything they do counts. It's all part of the message, the brand that is IKEA.  I love the fact that they seem to try to improve everything about their organisation.

It's a real challenge and provocation, both personally and corporately. Life is so busy with just doing the stuff in front of us - there is always more to do. We can easily forget to step back and ask have I / we actually progressed in the last year?

So have I improved? What can I improve this year? [I have my thoughts and ideas and I think there is plenty of room for improvement!] Comments and suggestions are always very welcome!

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