Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Come on Jesus sort it out

"One touch from Jesus can change everything."

I do believe this, that indeed Jesus can change any situation in a moment, He is after all God.

However, I have heard the phrase said so many times, often at the end of a preach encouraging people to come forward and have that one touch, that one encounter...

How many of the people who go forward don't get the 'one touch' to change everything, they have to keep on keeping on. Yet the leaders promised a life changing touch, come on Jesus get your finger out!

But did Jesus ever use this language? He talked about the kingdom of God being like a mustard seed, tiny but growing into a massive tree. 2000 years ago there were only a few hundred Christians and now there are maybe 2 billion across the world. That seems like a fully grown mustard tree but not really an example of 'one touch' changing everything.

What about Paul & the other New Testament writers? They seem to use language of the race or the journey, part of that journey is to throw off what hinders, and throwing could be a one time action but it often is a action to be repeated. We also told to put things on but not in the sense of just once but more of a daily uniform like picking up our cross. We are told to be filled and to keep on being filled.

The nine lepers who were healed and didn't return to Jesus, they had their one touch but Jesus didn't think much of them.

Encountering Jesus is wonderful and His touch is always just what we need. However God is always with us, we need to learn to engage with Him in our heart everyday right where we are (I know I so need to be reminded of this).

So instead of waiting to the last five minutes of a special meeting for that 'one touch', take five minutes during everyday (more than once a day if you can) and keep in real touch with God.

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