Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Personal Values

Awhile back I was reading an article on personal development by Sam Spurlin (he has revamped his sight and removed the article but go check out his site there is some good stuff on it).

One of the key questions it asked was "What are my 3-4 core values" and I guess I've never really thought about this before. I looked through the a suggested list of possible values, all 374 of them! I got down to seven that resonated with me:
Respect, Leadership, Creativity, Appreciation, Amusement, Affection, Acceptance.

After reflecting on these I think I my top four values are:
Creativity, Appreciation, Acceptance & Amusement

Why these four?
Creativity. I have always had a streak of creativity and imagination in me and I have been attracted to things that are different. That spark of the creative in me has always wanted to find a way to express itself. In some ways this blog has given me an outlet.

Appreciation. Being thankful for what you see in others, who they are and what they do - I know I can grow in this and often don't express myself very well but I believe this is something I value. I have even got over my personal struggle of receiving appreciation!

Acceptance. To be accepted and accept others for who they are and not expect any more or less from them. This is something that is effectively tested with every new person I meet!

Amusement. Amusement in all its different forms is something that feeds me. I have to watch that I don't overdo my intake (or output - for the sake of others!) but I have always been one to look on the funny side of things, maybe it is my way of coping with life!

The challenge in Sam Spurlin's article was to look at what I am working on in both work and personal life
that comes out of or is aligned to these values and maybe just as importantly what things I am doing that are not. I know writing this blog has been a real help in working out and working in some of my core life values.
I certainly have had ample opportunity to exercise creativity and part of the self disclosure and sharing of my life that I write about is connected to my desire for acceptance.

I wonder if you were to think of what your personal values are what you would come up with. Why not have a look at the list above and see which chimes with you.

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