Sunday, 31 March 2013

Law or Love?
Recently the church both locally and nationally has been vocally campaigning to save marriage. Many churches and individuals signed up to the Coalition for Marriage's campaign to keep traditional marriage for just men and women.

Now I haven't got a problem with the church campaigning in this manner, I personally didn't agree with campaign - it seemed especially sad that their headline statement talked of exclusion and opposition - however I believe it is important for people of faith to promote the values they believe in.

On this matter I am pleased that both the new Archbishop of Canterbury and the new Pope are raising the issue of serving the poor.

I think remembering and serving the poor is central to the mission of the church, much more so than dictating family structures for people within and outside the church. It seems to me one comes from a position of law and another of love.

I hope all the leaders and churches who spoke out against the government change of the marriage status (which the Conservatives included in their election platform with the document Contract for Equalities in May 2010, see page 14) will also speak out against the changes which are affecting the poorest in society at the moment.

I hope the change we are seeing in the church is the reality of love winning over law.


  1. It is encouraging to see the Baptists, Methodists, URC, and the Church of Scotland criticising the new welfare changes as unjust (because they are)

    What about your church / leader do they have any views? Would you ever know?

  2. Great post Steve. Keep them coming.