Saturday, 8 September 2012

Paralympics Day 8 - what a mans got do when a horse has a poo

Another day, another new area to be assigned to. This time it was Street Market, the area around the basketball arena and velodrome.

We were meeting and greeting again which consisted mainly of people going to see murderball (otherwise known as wheelchair rugby).

Up this part of the park is the Park Live venue, a large area of landscape gardens with a massive screen in the middle showing all the latest events from around the different venues. Up on the hill of this area are the three "agitos" (pictured left) which is the symbol of the Paralympics. Agito is latin for "I move" and the three curves represent the main colours of most nations of the world.
Several highlights today for me:
  • Going up the Orbit (more on this at the end of the week)
  • Getting to see inside the Basketball Arena for 15 minutes (see first picture)
  • Being swanked again (more on this at the end of the week)
  • Being on poo duty (more details below)

Poo duty consisted of standing astride any horse poo that had been deposited on the walkways so our lovely visitors don't get a nasty surprise! Suddenly I was surprisingly popular and a lightning conductor for all sorts of puns and comments -"was that you?", "could you not wait?", "that's a good job you've got there"

As you may be able to see in the picture (right) I was at the head of a long line of poo. This is an occupational hazard of having the mounted police on site and patrolling the Olympic Park.

It was yet another incredibly hot and draining day out in the sun and with what seemed like hundreds of schools visiting the park a really busy one. 

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  1. Oh poo! It must have been such a relief.... when someone came to clear it up I mean....

  2. Or maybe you were just a little ho(a)rse from the numerous previous days of unmegaphoned crowd direction?