Monday, 3 September 2012

Paralympics Day 5 - if your names not down you're not coming in

Today I reached the halfway point at the Paralympics and so tomorrow I have a day off - I will be getting up at 6:45am, that's a two and quarter hour lie-in woo-hoo!
Back to today and it was a scorcher, the hottest day so far and for most of it I was out in the open sunshine, meeting and greeting folks in Britannia Row (just by the Copper Box venue were Handball was played in the Olympics and now Goalball is being played in the Paralympics).
There were many highlights today:
  • A ride on a mobility buggy - to get us to our area a bit quicker (4 mins on the buggy, 15 mins walking - see the video above)
  • Doing access control (see picture and details below)
  • Getting on the lifeguard/umpire chairs again this time with a megaphone (of sorts)
  • Meeting some crazy ladies in the canteen (more another day)

Access control was very quiet, serious and a little bit of fun (and a nice rest really).

I was posted to one of the behind the scenes areas so the traffic coming in and out of this back stage area was very light. Some of the areas, especially the check point into the workforce canteen area is super busy with probably hundreds if not thousands through there every hour.

In the hour and a half I was on duty there were probably about a hundred in total coming through the gate. If they didn't have ALL, HBA, OPK, GB or CDM on their accreditation pass they were not getting in.

The day ended with a stint back on the main walkway directing people to "Stay on the left please". After an hour of this my voice was a little hoarse but I think I made a difference to the traffic flow despite not having a megaphone this time.

Oh and by the way this was the pink team, just black and yellow for the full set!

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  1. Enjoy your day off. Sounds like you're having a great time. I'm really enjoying the blog.