Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The blog is back!

Tomorrow I start my Paralympic adventure as I don my Gamesmaker uniform and join with a team of thousands to help 'make the games'.

This challenge has inspired me to pick up my blog again and so I invite you to follow my journey along with me as I share the ups, down, inspiration, challenges, tears and joy of being part of the greatest show on earth.

I will be tracking every comment, share, like etc on facebook, twitter and this blog and the person who gets most involved I will give them a souvenir of my time at the games!
(Note - a comment on the blog is worth 3x one on facebook and 6x a fb like)

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  1. Where you at? I'm going to the basketball tomorrow - woohoo!! (If I can ever get to my ticket on the website to print)

  2. I'm at the Olympic Park every day upto 3pm (except Tuesday)