Thursday, 30 August 2012

Paralympics day 1 - check your photos!

So day one is done (and so are my knees, lordy!)

The first of my early starts saw me rise at 5am to journey to Stratford checking in just after 6am.

As expected there was a degree of confusion, mainly because the vast majority of new volunteers were asking each other the same questions expecting immediate answers. Fortunately most things were straightened out and the general positive atmosphere kept people moving along and going with the flow.

We soon got split into teams and I was off to our first posting. In this first team I met Stuart (pictured right) from Wiltshire who also served in the Olympics so he was able to give me a few insider tips which was an excellent start and he was great fun to be with so early in the morning.

Unfortunately this posting only lasted about 30 minutes then plans changed and after another trek I ended up in the area known as Orbit Circus (covering the Stratford Gate, Orbit and Olympic Stadium) meeting and greeting people as they came into the Olympic Park from the Stratford/Westfield shopping centre side.

Later in the day I spent a long time with Susan (pictured left) who strangely kept wandering off standing still looking into the distance and the returning. Curious I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was trying to get into the background of as many peoples photographs as she could. So the photograph on the right is of her at distance (she is circled). Susan will be in 100s of peoples photo albums, just over their shoulder!

So that was my first nine hour shift, there is more to talk about - music, signs, food, questions from the public - but those will be for another day.


  1. Brilliant, a woman after my own heart. I like to do that especially in Japanese style with victory signs! The wheelchair basketball at North Greenwich Arena was phenomenal. Keep enjoying it, might see you next week when I'm in for the athletics.

  2. sounds like you had a fun day. Lots of early starts for you. Keep enjoying yourself.

  3. Thanks ladies it is fun, hard work but fun.