Friday, 14 January 2011


Let me introduce myself, I’m Steven Hunter.  Up to this point I have led quite a varied life, right now I live in Bishop’s Stortford where I work as a church administrator.

This is a job which means I very much have a “finger in all the pies” hence the name of this blog.

So why do a blog?  Well I’ll give you five reasons:
  • Having to write\create content for this blog will I hope both stretch and develop me.
  • The idea of journalling has always been something I wanted to do and get into yet I have always struggled, so somehow I hope that this blog will serve somewhat as a personal journal.
  • It’s a way to interact in a different way with friends both near and far because in one way or another we are all inter-connected. One aspect of this blog will be to help connect others across the virtual (& real) world – seeing different, relevant and strange views, ideas and creations.
  • Reading other blogs over the past year has inspired and challenged me, so I want to in some small way inspire and challenge others.
  • I think it will be fun, I hope you think so too.
So please do comment (and subscribe!) on my posts if they speak\tickle\challenge\annoy you.

Let the adventure begin.