Monday, 23 January 2012

Crushed like diamonds

I understand that diamonds are formed through immense heat and pressure crushing carbon materials which results in something incredibly beautiful out of all that heat and pressure.

If we were to look closely at one another's lives then I'm sure we would see little glints of mini diamonds or at least tiny flecks of diamonds from past struggles.

The past year has been in many respects the most difficult me and my family have ever had to go through. And yet deep down I feel a certain peace radiating. It's not the temporary peace that would be afforded from solutions to life's problems because generally life has a whole stack of other problems around the corner for us. This peace seems to be saying to me it's OK, life is difficult but you are safe I'll be with you. Maybe just maybe I am starting to understand, to grasp the truth and reality of Jesus' words "my peace I give you".

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