Thursday, 18 August 2011

The colours of creation

I recently visited the Musee D'Orsay in Paris and had the chance to see some of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings.

I knew they were good, even great, but I was not ready for how amazing they were. The paintings were simply astounding, indeed looking at his contemporaries paintings like Gauguin, a great painter in his own regard, it was like comparing a professional to a good amateur. Vincent's paintings are full of life and vibrancy. I would encourage everyone who has the chance to see them in the flesh to do so, you won't be disappointed.

His paintings inspired me, I found this poem just come out of me as I reflected on my visit.

In a stroke there are a thousand shades of life
revealing what has been in plain sight
Hidden from the sight of mere mortals
but opened by this mans inspired hand
How it dances, the spark of life
it dazzles on the petals, it twinkles on the swirls of the fields
exuding from even chair and bed
Is there something special in this paint?
Or are we seeing the touch of the Divine?
A tortured soul, misunderstood and alone
but closer to God in someways than we could ever be
Thank you Vincent for sharing with us
the colours of creation.

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