Friday, 15 July 2011

Six Things - Matthew Squirrell

Matthew Squirrell is about to get married, to the lovely Esther Barfoot, this Saturday in fact!

Matthew is a Director of property recruitment firm Dove & Hawk. In his spare time he is part of the Community Church youth team and is also to be found treading the boards in the Newport Amateur Theatrical Society. Matthew directed their last pantomime "Babes in the Wood" to critical acclaim (oh no he didn't, oh yes he did!).

One thing worth getting out of bed for
My friends. They do life with me and they are great company and so much fun. My best friends know EVERYTHING about me. It's a good thing.

One thing about myself that that often obstructs me
My enthusiasm to do too many things can some times be an issue. On more than one occasion I have made myself ill by doing way too much. The problem is that I get most of my energy when I'm around others and I love spending time with others; it just means that all of a sudden I can come to a halt.

One thing I've learned the hard way
Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. Lying means you have to remember what you lied about, and often you find yourself trapped in your own web of lies. Always tell the truth even when it hurts, is something I've learnt the hard way.

One things that gets under my skin
Gossip! I don't like it. I suppose it's because I've seen the damage it can do. Over the past couple of years I've tried my hardest to stop doing it and asking others to stop it when I'm around. If you're not part of the problem or not part of the solution you don't need to talk about it!

One thing I'd love to change
People's view of church! Have you ever seen the Mr Bean sketch of him in church falling asleep? Hilarious episode, but at the same time that's actually what people think about God & Church; that he/it's boring, sleepy, weak and out dated. I hope to change the worldly view of our powerful, active, loving God and his church by living my life his way and stepping out in obedience!

One thing I hope for
My family, friends and work colleagues to meet Jesus & get saved! It's a big part of my prayer list! 

Six Things is a series of micro-interviews with interesting and creative people,
in which they’re asked to respond to a standard set of six prompts.

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